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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Front Entry Story


The Front Entry Project

The Front Entry is looking great! Thanks to George and Sheryl. The memorial bricks will be in place soon. If you are still interested in contributing to this, each $100 will buy you a brick to inscribe.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

MSNA Activity Schedule for 2008-2009

Jan: Business meeting-4th Thurs at SRE cafeteria
April: Business meeting-4th Thurs at SRE cafeteria
Membership drive-$40/year
July: Parade at 10:30 a.m. and cookout on 4th of July
Steet decoration awards
Sept: Neighborhood Sale: 4th weekend
Oct: National Night Out-city wide date
Dec: Holiday decoration-all white lights along walkways
Street decoration awards
Block captains:
· To knock on doors in April to make a connection and do a membership reminder; distribute flyers, newsletters, info as needed
· To welcome new neighbors personally with a plant (reimbursed by MSNA} and invite these people to attend the next event and sign up for membership;
· To be available to help with a rotating committee assignment (see below). If the Block Captains are not available or need help, someone else on the that street may be asked to do this

Block Captains assignments to help with our projects. (This will rotate every year):
Potomac- Fourth of July: help with set up/clean up, raffle in July
Flintwood- Signage: help get event signs up/down as needed
Forsythe- Holiday decorating: help with awards, decoration in Dec
Concord- Ten for Tin: help with phone calling, arrangements
Stonecrest-National Night Out: help with sign in and serving in Oct
Mt Vernon-Neighborhood sale: help put up/take down signs in Sept

Projects: Front entry lighting, sprinkler system, landscaping
Memorial bricks
Yard of month and awards
Holiday decorating
Crime watch patrol


Friday, July 11, 2008


Shirley Raven has volunteered to compile our favorite MSNA recipes. Please add yours under comment section.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Welcome to the Marlborough Square Neighborhood Association

Our new site hopes to allow for more collaboration, news and events among its members and community. If you would like to be a member and contribute to our site, then please e-mail us here.

You will then be invited to post on our blog. Postings and comments are moderated on this site. Only the MSNA community is allowed to participate.

Thank you for visiting.

Marlborough Square Neighborhood Association

Sunday, February 25, 2007

MSNA Appearances Committee Guidelines

Mission Statement: To actively promote and encourage the appearance of MSNA neighborhood.

Yard of Month Guidelines: Regular mowing and trimming, flower beds cared for, lawn free of weeds, trees and shrubs pruned, all planting strips well cared for and attractive to look at.


Yard of month: Award to be given out every month except December, January, and February. Appearance committee members will email or call Beth Wills with a copy to Suzy Williams by the 25th of each month. Members are to mark their calendars, as no reminders will be sent out. Decisions on winner will be based on emails/calls received by the 25th of the month. Daphne Self will be contacted with the home chosen for Desparados gift certificate.

Limitations: In order to rotate awards, awards will not be given to the same home owner/renter during the same year or the next year. (For example, anyone receiving any award in 2006 will not be eligible to be chosen for another award until 2008). Committee members are eligible for awards.

Holiday awards: The committee will meet in August to plan these guidelines. They will be awarded every other year as stated above. The committee will also discuss giving awards in categories such as “Most Original”, “Most Colorful”, “Most Humorous”, “Most Beautiful” etc. These guidelines will be distributed to the neighborhood, and a date for judging will be determined.

Alternative Ways to Acknowledge Homes that are Perpetually Aesthetic: The committee discussed writing articles about these homes with pictures for the newsletter. Committee members will also write complimentary notes to these homeowners/renters. Other attempts will be considered to recognize these homes.

Distribution of these guidelines: The committee discussed the newsletter, the directory, the websight, or flyers as means of distributing this information.

Respectfully submitted by the Appearances Committee
Suzy Williams, Julie Griffin, Beth Wills, Myrna Cudlipp, Mary Beth Carpenter, Beverly Smith, Lynette Feagin

Monday, March 20, 2006

Posting and Comments on MSNA

MSNA members who are interested in posting News, Events or Articles can do so by e-mailing: MSNA, whereby an invitation from our site will be sent and you will be invited to participate and post comments as a member. MSNA members who would then like to comment on a posting may do so, by clicking on the "comments" link below that "post". There you will see the "comments" our members have made on that topic. By keeping "comments" and "posts" limited to specific issues, we can better keep our new site organized. Please note that all "posts" and "comments" must be be approved by the MSNA Site Administrator or Board Members before it goes on the MSNA site.